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Heartifacts by Maggie Horgan

About Heartifacts

A message of hope for parents and siblings facing a loss that no person should have to bear: the loss of a child.

  • A compassionate message of hope and healing after extreme loss
  • The human heart can heal from the most virulent grief imaginable
  • Despite death, life is a timeless, boundless journey of love 
  • Heartifacts are artifacts of love; they are tokens of hope and reminders of everlasting love

“I believe miracles are available to us everyday. I also believe such miracles can bring us out of deep despair and dispense the grace necessary to guide us safely through our human experience…and beyond.” –Maggie Horgan, Heartifacts

Book Summary

On March 19, 2001, Maggie Horgan was plucked from planet “Life” and dumped on planet “Grief.” That was the day her nineteen-year-old son, Neil, lost his battle with cancer.

Maggie found herself both unable to move on, and yet needing to move forward as a single mother with three other children. Grief seemed to seep into every crevice of her being- but relief came from the most unlikely of places in the form of a heart-shaped stone.

The heart would turn out to be the first of many, and Maggie knew that God and Neil were listening to her prayers.

Heartifacts shares a message of hope, compassion, and comfort for all those who grieve for a loved one- or anyone who wishes to understand one mother’s inspirational journey from the depths of despair to a return to life and love.


Heartifacts in the News

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